Wildwood Inn : Florence, KY :

Wildwood Inn: Kitschy family-friendly hotel with theme rooms and a “tropical dome” indoor pool.

Location: 7809 US 42, Florence, KY 41042

Cost: ~$250-$400

Our Overall Rating: 3/5

This place is truly wild. Some of the rooms were so elaborate and detailed and incredible. Others felt a little like they missed the mark. Either way, some iconic vintage theme rooms that are so fun to see! Even though it’s pretty run down in a lot of ways, I have to give it credit for holding on to some of the most incredible rooms and decor.

The management isn’t the most friendly and there seem to be a lot of rules. Like no cakes allowed in the rooms, for one funny example.

If you live nearby and want to experience a theme hotel, this is certainly one that won’t disappoint in that regards. The Arctic Cave and the Pirate room and the Tree House were all so elaborate! Definitely A+ for those details. It is family friendly so you may hear kids screaming in the rooms/halls/and certainly by the pool. Maybe bring a little speaker to mask the noise.

PS the rooms don’t have windows so be prepared to need some fresh air after.

Cleanliness Rating: 2/5

This place has a very bad reputation for being unclean and unsafe. We certainly saw plenty of signs for that. People have reported a bed bug problem here but we didn’t see any signs in our room. There was however quite a bit of staining and possibly mold on the carpets and walls. They are in desperate need of a carpet update and some wall cleaning in the Arctic Cave! I hope that someday they make updates rather than tearing them down but only time will tell. Just be warned this might be more fun as an afternoon getaway than as a romantic overnight.

Favorite Room: I just loved the arctic cave. Besides the smell…

Website: http://wildwood-inn.com/

Booking Info: Book through their website.

Episode: Coming Soon!

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