So what the heck is this, anyway? Well, A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour is a project
Margaret started with her husband Corey. After stumbling across a few different
“theme” or “adult” hotels Margaret realized she, and what seemed like everyone,
did not know this was a category that existed. Coming from a generation that
values experiences and photo-ops above all else, this was a surprising discovery.

Once Margaret started down the rabbit hole of searching for these hidden gems
via the internet, she knew she had to start seeing them in person. Many of these
places either don’t have a website or haven’t properly updated the photos in what
looks like 20 years.

This has made for some of the most exciting adventures Margaret and Corey
have been on together and they will continue to do so until they run out of hotels
to visit, or they run out of passion for vintage interiors, mirrored-ceilings,
elaborate decor, and the fascinating characters along the way.

When they’re not visiting hotels, Margaret and Corey are photographers and
filmmakers for their production company Marginal Creative.

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