Trixie Motel : Palm Springs, CA :

Trixie Motel: This vintage motel with modern-kitschy themed rooms is owned by drag queen and all-around superstar Trixie Mattel. The design process was filmed and released by Discovery+ as a TV series in 2022 and it included lots of celebrity guests and renovation drama.

Location: Palm Springs, California

Cost: ~ $400-$800 depending on the room/night

Our Overall Rating: 5/5

We can’t really compare this to any other theme hotel because it’s so personal to Trixie Mattel, and we love seeing her expand into the motel genre! This is a vintage motel that they “put in drag” and each room is SO colorful and cute. The designer (Dani Dazey) used her signature style to create custom murals and patterns for each one. The pool area is pink and full of Palm Springs charm, and the lobby/lounge and bar area is so cute it made my heart melt. For fans of Trixie Mattel, or just over-the-top color, this is a wonderful stop.

Cleanliness Rating: 5/5

Super clean, although we didn’t stay the night yet, just got a special tour!

Favorite Room: Queen of Hearts of Pink Flamingo! Plus that lounge – so pink!

Website: https://www.trixiemotel.com/

Booking Info: Book through their website

Episode: No episode but here’s a video peek inside:



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