The Stay Away McKenzie River : McKenzie Bridge, OR :

Location: 57255 N Bank Rd, McKenzie Bridge, OR 97413

Cost: $500-$900/night – sleeps 8

Our Overall Rating: 5/5

This place was really a luxurious experience. The house is huge – has 4 bedrooms and sleeps at least 8 – so the price tag reflects the amount of people you can share it with. We absolutely loved the design – so much vintage and really well put together. The privacy was nice, the pool was a life saver (it was mid summer!), and you’re around a lot of gorgeous nature. This would be such a fun place for a group getaway!! The photo ops are endless.

Cleanliness Rating: 5/5

No complaints, everything was spotless. You’re in nature, so expect some bugs (including butterflies!), but nothing unexpected.

Favorite Room: We chose to sleep in the green curtain room because it was my favorite!

Website: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/50271353?adults=1&translate_ugc=false&federated_search_id=ae79ecd9-53d1-43e8-8775-6545fb53747e&source_impression_id=p3_1623268190_kMO0%2BzXQR1ysQgcs

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