The Roxbury Experience : Roxbury, NY :

The Roxbury Experience: Two INCREDIBLE, luxurious, family-friendly theme hotels – just 2 miles apart. One is the Roxbury Motel, and the other is the Roxbury at Stratton Falls. Owned by the cutest couple on the internet, these places are completely hand-crafted and will absolutely blow your mind. Surely one of the most incredible theme hotel experiences in the entire world.

Location: Roxbury, New York

Cost: ~ $100-$900 depending on the room/cottage, time of year, etc. Many options for families or groups!

Our Overall Rating: 5/5 

This is such an elevated version of themed hotels that in our minds they have their own category. This place is such high quality but they also offer a wide variety of price points and extravagance! You can get a multi-story, multi-bedroom cottage, or a motel room that is themed and thoughtfully designed. We absolutely loved the range they offer, and thought the hospitality was also perfection. They have a lovely pool, spa, and the Stratton Falls location literally has a waterfall! It was absolutely stunning, and a super simple walk from the hotel. Wow – so many good things to say. Perfect for a group trip, family trip (I can’t even imagine what I would have thought stepping into the Cinderella’s Gown room as a kid!!!), honeymoon, anniversary, girls getaway, etc!!! A magical getaway indeed.

Cleanliness Rating: 5/5

So clean that everything felt new…which is not common at theme hotels!

Favorite Room: Stratton Falls favorites: ALL of them. But there’s a special place in my heart for Galileo’s Gate, The Faerie Forest, Dracula’s Fangs, and Cinderella’s Gown.

Motel location: MaryAnn’s Coconut Cream Pie, The Wizard’s Emeralds, George’s Spacepad, Genie’s Bottle.

Website: https://theroxburyexperience.com/

Booking Info: Book through their website!

Episode: Episode coming in 2023, but for now here are some sneak peeks that should convince you it’s worth the trip:




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