The Rainbow Getaway : Palm Springs, CA :

The Rainbow Getaway: Palm Springs vacation rental that we worked with to bring 4 Fantasy inspired bedrooms come to life!

Location: Palm Springs, CA

Cost: ~$600/night – this place sleeps 8 without even counting the living room so it’s a great spot for a group getaway.

Our Overall Rating: ?/5

It feels a little strange to rate this place since we designed it and haven’t technically been customers, but what we can say is that there is a lot to take in! Each room has a different theme and color so it’s a multi-room experience to share with a group of friends.

Cleanliness Rating: ?/5

Again, we haven’t been customers, but they just launched the property as a rental in 2021 so it is quite new. 

Favorite Room: Hard to choose a favorite but I guess if I had to the Pink room is my wow-factor! 

Website: https://therainbowgetaway.com/

Booking Info: Book through one of the options on their website. Available for shoot days or overnights! 


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