Romantic Inn & Suites : Dallas, TX :

Romantic Inn & Suites: A short-stay motel with some funky design features.

Location: Dallas, Texas

Cost: ~$150

Our Overall Rating: 2/5

Besides some fun colorful strip lights and funhouse mirrors on the ceiling, there’s not much that’s notable about this place. It’s a basic motel with short-stay options, so if that’s what you’re looking for this will do the job. Tbh I would like to see the funhouse ceiling mirrors in other rooms now, that was kinda fun! Oh, and the vintage signage was cool!

Cleanliness Rating: 2/5

Nothing scary but definitely not super clean. Cigarette burns on the bedding and all…

Favorite Room: Whatever has a ceiling mirror! Although there’s a cool looking heart mural one I would have liked to see…

Website: No website currently – although it seems to come and go

Booking Info: This definitely seems like the kind of place that you just show up and see what’s available. 


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