Riverport Inn and Express Suites : Winona, MN :

Riverport Inn and Express Suites: A basic hotel in Winona, Minnesota that doesn’t look all that unusual on the outside – but on the inside they have 2 rooms that feature vintage convertible car beds! One is red, one is white, and both rooms have a corner jacuzzi tub as well.

Location: Winona, Minnesota

Cost: ~$150-$200

Our Overall Rating: 5/5

This is one of my favorite types of hotels to stumble on – one that looks so incredibly unremarkable, but has a couple hidden gems inside. We had lots of fun and thought the sleep was totally fine for 2 people under 6 feet tall. Hard to say what it would be like as a taller human, and I guess some folks might find sleeping in the car not so comfortable, but it was a cozy night! Not bad for a fun little themed getaway. The bar and restaurant was great too!

Cleanliness Rating: 4/5

The car was in SUCH good shape and that made me so happy to see. There was a little dust here and there, and I understand it’s hard to keep a room like that clean, but we did sleep there fine with no issues so if you’re comfortable at a basic hotel, this will be fine for you.

Favorite Room: I personally loved the white convertible room but the red looked sweet too!

Website: https://www.riverportinn.com/rooms-suites/57-59-chevy-suite/

Booking Info: You can book and see their availability directly on their website. 

Episode: No episode but here’s a video tour:


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