Regal Inn and Suites : Rosedale, MD :

A roadside love motel with mirror-covered rooms, heart shaped tubs, and a dirty reputation.

Location: 8005 Pulaski Hwy, Rosedale, 21237, MD

Cost: ~$75-$200

Our Overall Rating: 2/5

Some of these mirrored rooms have SO much potential it hurts. Mirror covered walls and ceilings, plus cool tiles and heart tubs? Basically a love motel dream! Unfortunately, the way the rooms have been kept make them feel a little bit like old musty storage rooms, with broken furniture and scattered decor. Visit this motel if you’d like to go on some sort of strange, sad adventure, but don’t expect it to make a good romantic getaway.

Cleanliness Rating: 1/5

Visibly broken mirrors, smoke detectors, and door locks. Black mold on walls and ceilings. A cockroach staring at me from the wall above. Oh, and an exterminator was waiting for us when we checked out because he was called to spray the room. Guess we lucked out in seeing it before he got there!

Favorite Room: One of the suites has a heart tub surrounded by black and white tiles with some cool ceiling mirrors. Such great inspiration, even though it was run down.

Website: https://www.hotels.com/ho361870/regal-inn-suites-rosedale-united-states-of-america/?q-rooms=1&q-room-0-adults=2&q-room-0-children=0

Booking Info: Book on hotels.com but don’t expect that they’ll be holding a room for you. Best way is to just show up.

Episode: No episode about this location.

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