Rainbow Motel Pink Palace: A rent-by-the-hour motel with some vintage theme rooms.

Location: 7050 W Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60638

Cost: $50-$100.

Our Overall Rating: 2/5:

This place is definitely a roadside motel that’s not kept very clean, and yet it has some cool and weird theme rooms to see. Luckily they offer hourly rentals so whether you’re just looking for a tour or a mini romantic getaway, this place could be worth your while. 

Cleanliness Rating: 2/5

The sheets look like they may have been made 100 years ago, there was some mold on the wall here and there, pieces missing, and a floor so slippery it could double as a slip n slide. No bedbugs were detected but I can’t say I looked too hard.

Favorite Room: The Pink room is dreamy despite some dirt! And the Picnic room is…worth a visit.

Website: It doesn’t always work so I recommend calling or booking in person. http://www.rainbowpinkpalace.com/

Booking Info: Website is pretty unreliable and you may not be able to book in advance so just show up and see what you can get! The owner is super nice and helpful. (773) 229-0707

Episode: No tour episode but here are our instagram stories from a visit

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