Pelham Garden Motel : Bronx, NY :

Pelham Garden Motel: More of a classic love mote, this place features all sorts of heart-shaped decor and mood lighting. They book rooms overnight or for “short stays” but they don’t take reservations in advance, from what I can tell.

Location: 1990 E Gun Hill Rd, Bronx, NY 10469

Cost: ~$100-$250

Our Overall Rating: 2/5

This place has some truly stunning features. I love the heart-shaped ceiling mirrors and lights and the tubs and columns but from the 2 rooms we saw, it is much more run down than the nearby Gallery Holiday Motel or even the Loop Inn. Maybe we caught them on a bad day, but the room had broken features and was overall quite sticky and visibly dirty. Still some attractive features, but compared to their website it’s not quite as shiny in person. If you have the extra time, head to one of the similar but cleaner ones!

Cleanliness Rating: 1/5

Again – maybe we caught them on a bad day, but this was definitely one of the dirtier rooms we’ve been in lately!

Favorite Room: Either a room with a heart-shaped mirror on the ceiling, or the light up heart on the ceiling above the heart-shaped tub.

Website: https://pelhamgardenmotel.com/

Booking Info: Show up and see what’s available.

Episode: No episode available.

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