Paradise Stream : Cresco, PA :

Paradise Stream: The third of the Cove Haven Resorts! Lots of the similar charm with a few differences detailed below.

Location: 6208 Paradise Valley Rd, Cresco, PA 18326

Cost: Rooms range from $200-$400 depending on your Suite and dates. Don’t forget that includes the resort facilities as well as Breakfast and Dinner!

Our Overall Rating: 4/5

We still absolutely love this place, but when comparing them to the other 2 Cove Haven Resorts, there are a few perks missing that make this a complete experience. The location might be more convenient for you so if you’re just looking for a romantic getaway in the privacy of your own room with a trip or two to the light-up bar, this place will do just fine! We thought the live musicians were a blast and we loved our private jacuzzi and the game room. The dining room doesn’t have the fancy views that the other 2 resorts have but they still have plenty of retro charm around the resort.

Cleanliness Rating: 4/5

Similar to Cove Haven, this place is up to our cleanliness standards, but we don’t want you to be surprised that some things are still retro. We like it that way, please don’t complain 😉 

Favorite Room: We loved the Garden of Eden Apple suite here!

Website: covepoconoresorts.com/our-resorts/paradise-stream-mount-pocono-pa

Discount Code: Available on our Patreon!

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