Mustang Motel: Rentable by the hour love motel in Los Angeles.

Location: 4121 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90062

Cost: $40-$100 depending on the day of the week and if it’s overnight or afternoon rate.

Our Overall Rating: 2/5:

There’s really only one reason I love this place and it’s the old tile heart-shaped tubs. This place is not known for their customer service as even booking is through a 1-way mirror so you don’t even see who you’re talking to. Good luck getting any money back no matter what you run into. Set your expectations low, make sure you get a heart-shaped tub, and just book an hour or two and bring some cleaner. That’s the way I made it work for us, do what you gotta do! 

Cleanliness Rating: 2/5

They had clean towels which I appreciated, even if they were a little old and scratchy!

Favorite Room: Some of their heart-shaped tubs are more exciting than others but it’s hard to figure out what’s available until you’re there. Even when you’re there, they can be hesitant to show you any rooms in advance so be nice, have patience with them, and see what you can get!

Website: http://www.mustangmotels.com/ – not always functional. Nothing about this place is reliable so I really recommend just showing up and seeing what you can get. Be kind, be smart.

Episode: No tour episode but here is a video we made there!

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