Mon Chalet : Aurora, CO :

Mon Chalet: A vintage motel with very sensual rooms that include amenities like mirrors, jetted tubs, sex chairs, and swings. It’s a popular swingers destination as they have a clothing optional pool area where couples can meet and hook up as well.

Location: 12033 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO 80010

Cost: ~$100-$200, they offer overnight or afternoon only rates. You can also buy a pool-only pass during certain hours of the day.

Our Overall Rating: 4/5

The design of our room was absolutely a favorite on our tour. The sensual lighting, holograms, tub, mirrors, sex chair, all of it! It’s the perfect sexy vintage bedroom in my mind and I never wanted to leave. Having said that – it’s still a vintage motel so I don’t want you getting your hopes up into thinking it’s a luxury getaway. It’s more of a grab and go situation but it’s quite the experience. 😉

The pool area had a variety of couples and singles – and let me warn you, they’re not holding back. You’re going to see people hooking up in the pool and on the beds and it’s really just an adult play room. The nice thing is, they have a bracelet system where you should be able to tell what others are looking for before you even have to approach them. It’s not our scene so we didn’t stay long enough to get a good sense of the vibe, other than the fact that a lot was goin’ down on a Tuesday afternoon.

Cleanliness Rating: 2.5/5

Favorite Room: We had #3 and loved it!

Website: http://www.mon-chalet.com/ – “your doorway to erotic adventure” – the website is worth a scroll!

Booking Info: Book by calling the front desk. They’ll tell you what’s available and what they recommend too!

Episode: Episode coming soon!

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