Miami Princess Hotel : Miami, FL :

Miami Princess Hotel: A roadside motel with some very vintage theme rooms.

Location: 4251 NW 11th St, Miami, FL 33126.

Cost: Ranges from $30-$150 for 3-hour stays or Overnights.

Our Overall Rating: 3/5

This place might not be worth a road trip but if you’re in the area, swing by and see if they have a theme room available. They’re very “outdated” and not particularly clean but they have some very cool original decor that’s so fun to see! A heart shaped bed, beveled mirrors, vintage cave room, what’s not to love. They offer the rooms at an hourly rate so don’t be afraid to do your own mini-tour!

Cleanliness Rating: 3/5

We didn’t stay overnight so I can’t speak for the bed but you definitely get the feeling that it’s a basic motel. Have some fun but if you don’t want to stay overnight just book the afternoon!

Favorite Room: The Heart room is worth a visit even though it’s worn down. They just don’t make them like they used to!

Website: miamiprincess.com – although the website comes and goes, so go for calling them about availability instead (305) 441-1862

Booking Info: We couldn’t book the theme rooms in advance but we called to let them know we were coming and they were very accommodating. They might tell you their theme rooms are worn down to give you a warning, so don’t complain about their state. Enjoy what you can if you’re into this kinda thing!

Episode: Not a full episode but here’s our Instagram Story from there!


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