Hicksville Pines Bud and Breakfast : Idyllwild, CA :


Up in the mountain town of Idyllwild California, this 420-friendly bud and breakfast features vintage a-frame style cabins with elaborate and eclectic themed rooms. The themes range from classic Honeymoon to more niche like Third Man after Third Man Records. You must be 21+ to stay on the property and it is notable that this hotel has strict behavior and photo policies that you absolutely need to honor. While the property is 420 friendly, the only hotel room you can smoke inside of is the 420 themed room and they are known to gift you some Bud on arrival. This establishment has been around since about 2015 but they are currently expanding to add even more to the already magical and quirky experience. As for the photo policy, it states that “Commercial/Non-Commercial Still Photography/Video shoots are NOT PERMITTED unless previously arranged and is subject to a $10,000 per day location fee if violated.” This has caused controversy and has earned the reputation of being the “anti-influencer” hotel because they do follow through with their statement. Influencers, models, and photographers have been known to be retroactively charged for using the location as a backdrop for their work, whether it was actually sponsored content or simply a place to elevate their personal brand. Vacation photos are absolutely allowed, and if you’re not someone who uses social media to network or promote yourself in *any way* you should be just fine, but be warned that this is a subjective photo policy and you’re not the one determining the individual interpretation. My advice is, if you’re not sure, read all of the rules you’re agreeing to, and even ask about them. And be understanding, you are in someone else’s space and are agreeing to their rules upon arrival.

Location: 23481 CA-243, Idyllwild-Pine Cove, CA 92549

Cost: ~ $150-$350 depending on the room + time of stay

Our Overall Rating: 4/5

We honestly had such a fun time at this place and the only reason I take it down one notch is the controversial aspect of our review. To be honest, I thought the photo policy and owners were way too harsh before I stayed there, and after I stayed there and talked to them about their policies, I actually understand what they were offering. They’re offering a space that is meant to be enjoyed, not so much consumed by strangers who aren’t even there. You’re meant to feel free and relaxed and not like you’re a spectacle, even because you won’t see a bunch of other guests on their phones, capturing everything about the experience. At the end of the day, what they’re doing is *curating* their audience and their patrons, and it works really well for those that it is meant for. This place is not for everyone!!!! There are lots of folks who want capturing and showcasing to be *part* of their vacation, and if that’s you then you probably won’t be attracted to this specific getaway. If you’re open to this unique experience and down to put the phone away for a weekend, you’re probably gonna love it. Don’t forget to hit up the game room, blast some tunes from the jukebox, and play the hockey bubble game!!!

Oh, and besides the overall reputation, the rooms are fantastic. It’s definitely a niche hotel within an already niche category, and I love how personal this place feels. You’re going to find things here I guarantee you won’t find anywhere else, and that’s part of the magic. The details, the property, even the surrounding town, are all parts of a unique and special getaway. And they’re pet friendly!!

Cleanliness Rating: 4/5

You’re essentially in cabins in the woods, and because of that you’ll notice bugs and maybe even little critters. If you’ve stayed in a cabin before you’ll probably recognize the feeling, like you’re close to nature, but that wasn’t something we were personally bothered by.

Favorite Room:  Honeymoon is incredibly cute (plus a waterbed, hello!!!), Third Man has to have one of the most unique features we’ve ever come across (upside-down bidet shower!!!), Christmas Town makes me ready for Christmas any time of year, and I definitely plan on giving the 420 room a test whirl someday. Ok I guess I’m just a fan of a lot of rooms, let your conscience be your guide.

Website: http://www.hicksville.com/idyllwild/motel.html

Booking Info: Book directly on their website.

DISCOUNT CODE FOR 2021: Use APrettyCoolCode – good for 15% off any room, any day through 2021. For any booking questions, contact the hotel! They have a helpful website that shows you availability.

Episode: Episode coming soon!

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