Flamingo Inn : Rosemead, CA :

Flamingo Inn: A hidden gem motel with large heart

Location: 8621 Garvey Ave, Rosemead, CA 91770

Cost: ~$125 for a jacuzzi suite (they have both red and blue heart shaped tubs!)

Our Overall Rating: 3.5/5

The excitement of finding a heart-shaped tub near Los Angeles that isn’t the Mustang Motel makes me want to give this a 5 star rating but the truth is it’s fairly run-down so I don’t want to be misleading. The nice thing is it’s fairly priced, they offer outdoor check in (there’s an outside window), and the tub was amazing. The downsides are it didn’t feel super clean and there was a lot of noise outside. People coming and going in the parking lot, maintenance on the other rooms, just not a lot of peace and quiet. If what you’re looking for is a fun place for a bath or a photoshoot and you can bring your own speaker, you can certainly have an enjoyable time here!

Cleanliness Rating: 2.5/5

The upside was that the tub felt pretty clean and the room didn’t have a smell like the Mustang Motel has. The room was non-smoking and it felt pretty comparable to other old roadside motels. Didn’t really want to sleep there, but had no problem spending the afternoon there!

Favorite Room: I loved both the red and the blue heart tubs but chose blue since it was a little more unique!

Website: http://www.flamingoinnrosemead.us/

Booking Info: We called ahead to make sure they had rooms available but if you want to reserve in advance they request a deposit. Or at least that’s what they told us. They seem a little old-school! Also, they require a $10 cash key deposit that you get back when you check out.


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