Executive Tropic Garden Hotel : Miami, FL :

Executive Tropic Garden Hotel: A vintage motel with heart shaped tubs and surprisingly well maintained rooms designed in what appears to have been the 80’s. Known for their 3-hour ‘short stay’ option, this place has quite the reputation for being a seedy love motel.

Location: 6925 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33144

Cost: ~$100 for 4 hours

Our Overall Rating: 3/5

This chain is another classic Miami love hotel. We got the Executive Suite at this one and here are the upsides – the room is incredibly spacious with an upstairs area and downstairs area. I loved the disco lights, “the chair”, and the heart tub surrounded by mirrors and columns. It’s a room with a lot of potential!! It’s also a little grimy and half-assed, but that’s a miami love hotel for ya.

Cleanliness Rating: 2/5

Ok once we gave it a wipe down but personally speaking, 4 hours was plenty to enjoy it then head to the Hilton. (Just kidding, we stayed at a Best Western).

Favorite Room: I liked the Executive Suite for the heart tub in the columns!

Website: https://www.executivefantasyhotels.com/portfolio/executive-tropic-garden-hotel6925-sw-8th-st-miami-fl-33144/

Booking Info: Show up and see what’s available! Can be a little annoying but get there earlier in the afternoon and you have more luck.

Episode: Featured in our Florida episode

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