Executive Hotels : Miami, FL :

Executive Hotels:  A chain of sex/fantasy hotels in Miami with an infamous patented Love Chair.

Location: Several locations in the Miami, FL area. Check their website for more info.

Cost: Ranges from $50-$300 for 3-hour stays or Overnights.

Our Overall Rating: 3/5

This place is wild. Not particularly clean, not particularly charming, but certainly an experience nonetheless!! They’re known for their patented “Love Chair” and “Wet Love Chair” which are some incredibly intimidating pieces of furniture you’ll find secured to their floors, some with pieces that are meant for “vibing your holes”, as Corey so eloquently put it. The Airport location offers some Theme rooms like Cave and Rainforest, and other locations are a little more geared to the Sexy vibes. Come here for a sexcapade, but you may want a different option for a good nights sleep. Come here to enjoy the poles, the dance floor lighting, the mirrors, the chairs, and then never speak of it again. JK definitely tell me your Executive stories omg.

Cleanliness Rating: 2/5

Not gonna lie, we brought our own bleach and no regrets. Didn’t walk away with any bug bites but we also didn’t lay on the sheets. No need when you have all those other furniture pieces! Two roaches were spotted but who’s counting…

Favorite Room: The Cave room at the Executive Airport hotel is an adventure to be sure!! The other favorite was the Executive Suite at the Grand Emperor location. Nothin’ like a zebra striped love chair.

Website: executivefantasyhotels.com/hotels

(Although the El Paraiso location website deserves its own link just for the background music: elparaisomotel.com

Booking Info: You can’t reserve the rooms online but call ahead to make sure the room you want is available or just show up and ask to see what’s available. They’ll show you what they have and give you prices for 3 hour stays.

Discount: No discount unless they agree to donate one of their Love Chairs to us.

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