Don Q Inn: A vintage theme hotel with an airplane on the front lawn.

Location: 3658 WI-23 Trunk, Dodgeville, WI 53533

Cost: $100-$200

Our Overall Rating: 4/5:

This place feels like it has a lot of stories to tell. Quirky and cool theme suites with large bathtubs, some that are heart-shaped and some that used to be cheese vats (on wisconsin!). The lobby is full of vintage barber chairs, dentist equipment, and other things that will absolutely give you very cool nightmares. This place is definitely worth a visit if you like vintage theme hotels!! So many rooms to choose from, good luck!! Visit The House On The Rock and Culver’s while you’re in town.

Cleanliness Rating: 4/5

Didn’t have any issues sleeping here, just the usual wear and tear of a vintage theme hotel! 

Favorite Room: The Alien Invasion room is wild, as is the Up, Up, and Away room. Other cool vintage options so browse their site before choosing!

Website: https://www.donqinn.net/

Booking Info: Didn’t have any issues booking in advance their site. Give them a call with any questions!

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