Comfort Suites North : Elkhart, Indiana :

Comfort Suites North: A basic motel with a few classic themed rooms from the 90s or early 2000s.

Location: Elkhart, IN

Cost: ~$250 for a theme room.

Our Overall Rating: 4/5

Ok look, I know it’s just a basic motel…but we stayed in their Hawaiian room and were so pleasantly surprised at the shape it was in! You never know what you’re going to find but we loved that the flooring had clearly been updated (but not in a way that ruined the room!) and everything was maintained well. They also let us peek inside the kind of Roman-themed room and that looked really good too! This was a really fun and pleasant surprise on our trip through Indiana.

Cleanliness Rating: 4/5

Wear and tear of the room and bathroom, but nothing that ruined the stay and themed elements. 

Favorite Room: Hawaiian room!

Website: https://www.choicehotels.com/indiana/elkhart/comfort-suites-hotels/in108

Booking: Book online. If you don’t see one of the theme rooms available (there are 3), you can call to ask about booking. They mentioned they sometimes have issues with getting them on the website.

Episode: None yet.

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