Black Swan Inn:  Beautifully detailed adults-only Theme hotel in Idaho with the most beloved Shell Bed.

Location: 746 E Center St, Pocatello, ID 83201

Cost: $150-$200, breakfast included.

Our Overall Rating: 5/5

This hotel has so much HEART. It is obvious how much love has gone into it by the owners/artists who are a husband and wife creating these theme rooms. The murals in each room set the scene, the furniture and layout brings you right into the fantasy, and they even have theme music playing when you enter the room. This hotel has one of our all-time favorites, the Sea Cave room with the most beautiful Shell Bed I will dream of for forever. This is worth the road trip and maybe a multiple-night stay to get the full experience. A true gem!!

Cleanliness Rating: 5/5

No complaints, everything was lovely.

Favorite Room: So many good ones but we’re gonna play favorites with the Sea Cave.

Website: https://www.blackswaninn.com/

Booking Info: We booked everything online and didn’t have any issues!

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