Ashland Hills Hotel : Ashland, OR :

Ashland Hills Hotel: A large hotel and conference center with midcentury modern decor. They offer bikes, a pool, spa, restaurant, bar, and the Champagne Suite featuring a stunning vintage bathroom with a matching pink jacuzzi, sinks, toilet, and bidet.

Location: Ashland, Oregon

Cost: ~ $100-$300 depending on the room and night

Our Overall Rating: 5/5

This place was really a nice surprise – most places that renovate get rid of sooo much of the original charm, and we were so pleased with how much they’re still leaning into a midcentury modern vibe. Besides that, you have a lot in one place with the restaurant and pool and spa! The real star of the show was the Champagne Suite – we loved the mirrored ceiling, retro styling, and THE BATHROOM. No seriously, this is what we came to Ashland for, and it did not disappoint even a little bit. It’s just so dreamy and perfect and is the absolute highlight for us!

Cleanliness Rating: 4.5/5

Most of the hotel was extremely clean, just a little wear and tear with some of the furniture. Overall impressed!

Favorite Room: Champagne Suite forever.

Website: https://ashlandhillshotel.com/

Booking Info: Book through their website.


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