Grandpa’s Pool House : Stanchfield, MN :

Grandpa’s Pool House: This is a 1980’s home turned Airbnb and photoshoot rental owned by a woman named Eva. The house belonged to her grandparents and after their passing she wanted to give it a second life. Eva has spent the last couple years fixing up the maintenance issues and also putting her own glorious spin on the place by bringing in lots of kitschy, vintage, and fantasy elements. The home is an eclectic mixture of 70’s and 80’s decor, but is also incredibly functional as a vacation house. Nothing else quite like it, and it certainly brings a new element of pizzazz to the Midwest!

Location: Stanchfield, MN

Cost: ~$1000 for overnights and ~$125/hour for weekday photoshoots. The house can sleep up to 14!!

Our Overall Rating: 5/5

As someone who was born and raised in the Midwest, this place just warms my heart. It has so many elements that feel true to the Midwest roots, but also brings in glamour I’m not used to seeing in small town Minnesota! Eva is the kindest and coolest host who really wants you to make yourself at home. She even has a costume area so you can fit right into the decor! Such a fun place for a girls trip, a party, a bachelorette party, or just a good old fashioned Midwest getaway. We drove well out of our way to see it and I’m so glad we did!

Cleanliness Rating: 5/5

Eva has done so much to maintain this place and everything felt so clean! I will say – be warned the mosquitos get bad in the summer. Just remembered to warn you.

Favorite Room: We slept in the pink room and I loved it! Kinda want to try the water bed next time.

Website: https://www.instagram.com/grandpaspoolhouse/

Booking Info: https://www.grandpaspoolhouse.com/main

Episode: Coming in July!

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