Glen Tavern Inn : Santa Paula, CA :

Glen Tavern Inn: This hotel was built in 1911 and, according to the internet, has a shadowy past and is extremely haunted. It’s even appeared on Ghost Adventures and the slogan is “where the past comes to life”. If you want to try a haunted hotel with a heart tub – this might be the only one for you!

Location: 134 N Mill St, Santa Paula, CA 93060

Cost: ~$100-$150

Our Overall Rating: 4/5

While it didn’t really reach ‘kitschy’ or ‘theme’ status, it was really fun to stay in such a unique and historical hotel. We didn’t have any extreme paranormal experiences, but I did feel creeped out on the 3rd floor for some reason while we were walking around and decided to go back down to where we were staying. Later I found out the rooms they say are haunted are on the 3rd floor! So..maybe there’s something to the story. Either way, you should be safe in the heart tub room. Go to dinner in their italian restaurant and check out the whole hotel and grounds. Lots of interesting old posters and decor.

Cleanliness Rating: 3/5

The building definitely shows its age, but the sheets and towels were clean so we were still comfortable!

Favorite Room: The heart jacuzzi room! I believe it was 107.

Website: https://www.glentavern.com/

Booking Info: You can book directly on their website but call ahead to make sure they reserve the right jacuzzi room for you if you want the heart tub! They only have 1!

Episode: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CdhALGMjfWf/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

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