Feather Nest Inn : Cherry Hill, NJ :

A classic adults-only theme hotel in New Jersey that also features regular jacuzzi suites.

Location: 703 Hampton Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

Cost: ~$150-250

Our Overall Rating: 4/5

We love a classic theme hotel and this one hits a lot of the marks! Their Cave room is so colorful and detailed, it’s uniqueness makes it stand out in a category that’s quite crowded. It was spacious and sexy and pretty comfortable too! For a theme hotel that’s been well loved for several decades, I’m impressed with the shape it’s still in.

Cleanliness Rating: 3.5/5

The sheets and towels were clean and new enough but the fact that this is a vintage motel definitely means you’re going to notice lots of wear and tear. I’m pretty sure the carpeting was as old as me, but I forgave that because it is so unique and fun! Just be aware that this is not an updated motel and it’s not going to feel squeaky clean in any way. The second room we were in had a strong smoke smell so we kept the door open while it aired out. Just be aware of what you’re heading into and you can have some fun times here!

Favorite Room: The Ice Cave! Nothing quite like it.

Website: http://www.feathernestinn.com/

Booking Info: Book directly on their website.

Episode: Episode coming soon!

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