Cove Haven : Lakeville, PA :

Cove Haven: The crème de la crème of retro romance resorts. 

Location: 194 Lakeview Dr, Lakeville, PA 18438

Cost: Rooms range from $200-$400 depending on your Suite and dates. Don’t forget that includes the resort facilities as well as Breakfast and Dinner!

Our Overall Rating: 5/5

Take this place for what it is, a beautiful time capsule of honeymoon getaways that involve retro-chic rooms, kitschy decor, private whirlpools, and eclectic experiences like faux ice skating and live performances. This is a couples resort with so much to experience, and if you’re willing to see the charm instead of wish for more updates then this place is for you. In our experience they’ve been very helpful so if you have any issues with your room or stay be sure to ask for assistance. They’re vocal about their acceptance of LGBTQ+ couples and the other folks we’ve interacted with there have been friendly and fun! You meet couples on their honeymoon and also couples who have been vacationing there for decades. We recommend staying for a few days to fit in the activities like mini golf, skating, archery, group games, karaoke, tennis, boating, heart-shaped bar, and of course the in-room photoshoot you can book. Forget 5/5, this place is a 10/10 in our hearts.

Cleanliness Rating: 4/5

While the cleaning staff has always done a fantastic job in our experience, this place is retro! Things will be “outdated” and worn down in some cases but again, we see that as part of the charm. If you don’t like the retro decor but still want the resort experience, ask about their most recently updated rooms as they do have newer styles available!

Favorite Room: Champagne Tower is a classic but I have a soft spot in my heart for the Harbour Tower, and tbh I love them all.

Website: covepoconoresorts.com/our-resorts/cove-haven-lakeville-pa/

Discount Code: Available on our Patreon!

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