Adventure Suites : North Conway, NH :

An intricate, unique, fabulous theme hotel with sexy rooms for adults, child-friendly rooms for families, and huge experiential rooms for parties and larger groups.

Location: 3440 White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, NH 03860

Cost: ~$175-$2000 depending on the room, season, and number of people in your party.

Our Overall Rating: 5/5

This place is really in a league of its own. The rooms range from entry-level themes, to the massive several-story Haunted Castle that sleeps up to 18 guests. I was so impressed with the range but also with the details in some of these rooms. They are all custom made which means we saw brand new themes and designs instead of some of the cookie-cutter decor we can be used to at a theme hotel. They have a spa, a gift shop, a restaurant and bar, and a whole lot of space for activities. Perfect for a family gathering, friend getaway, or maybe a bachelorette party. I was so sad to leave and can’t wait to go again and experience more!

Cleanliness Rating: 5/5

You can tell the whole hotel is so cared for. From the time you drive up and see the themed exterior of the building you know you’re in a special place. Besides the fact that we slept in the scariest room EVER, everything was incredibly clean.

Favorite Room: I will forever be impressed by the Haunted Castle experience, it’s not like anything we’ve seen before, and I’d be ok never seeing it again! (Can you tell I’m still recovering?) Besides that, the Deserted Island has an incredible shell bed, Cupid’s Corner is a classic, and the Dragons Lair looks so cool. But also the Showtime room, the Roman room, and the Club room all look like they need their own moment!!

Website: https://www.adventuresuites.com/

Booking Info: Book directly on their website.

Episode: Episode coming soon!

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